What We do.

As you’ve probably read, Sangelaj Stone manufactures warm, beautiful, elegant stone veneer. While we create the stone to look, feel and function exactly like natural stone, we’re able to manufacture it for a fraction of the cost of natural stone. Sangelaj Stone Products are easy and quick to install and this will add to your savings. If you’ve been taken by the beauty of stone, and dreamt of displaying it inside or outside your home or business. Sangelaj Stone’s stone veneer is a product that will make that dream a reality.


We often get asked if it’s really possible to manufacture stone to look like natural stone. We always invite our clients to see for themselves how natural our stone looks. When designed and installed properly, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. But we invite you to see for yourself. Not all stone veneer is created equal. Part of what makes our product so much more beautiful and natural is our extensive research, and quality craftsmanship from the design phase. The stone we create is based on existing stone in the area. The colors, texture, size, shape and depth of the stone we create matches what you’d see on old homes.
We’re able to create a timeless look of lasting beauty.